Independent Advice

A Healthy Separation of Roles

Your accounts stay in your name at a trusted custodian. We manage them as a fiduciary.

AZA Capital Management is an independent, federally registered investment adviser; not a custodian or broker-dealer. One distinguishing characteristic of registered investment advisers from other types of financial firms is that client assets are held with an independent, third-party custodian.

The separation of the investment management firm from the custodian/brokerage firm provides a system of checks and balances, allowing each entity to focus on their primary functions with fewer conflicts of interest.

This important distinction provides the following benefits for our clients:

  • Transparent Accounting – Clients receive periodic updates on their investments directly from two independent sources, AZA and the custodian. AZA provides investment performance reporting, strategy commentary, and market updates. Additionally, the custodian provides clients with account statements, trade confirmations, and online access. This separation of roles provides transparency, redundancy, and independent verification.
  • Alignment of Interests – Our remuneration to act as an investment manager is limited solely to our management fee. We do not receive brokerage commissions from trading, nor do we receive compensation (i.e., 12b-1 fees) from any of the investments we select. This allows us to remain objective in our investment decisions with fewer conflicts of interest.
  • Higher Standard of Care – Investment advisers are held to a higher standard of care than brokers. As fiduciaries, investment advisers have an obligation to provide proper investment advice and always act in the best interest of the client. Brokers are held to a lower standard of “suitability” in their sale of investment products.