Our Thinking

Active Management Redefined

Our clients range from young professionals to retired couples, from financial advisors to family offices and institutions. What they all share is a desire to better navigate the investment risks and opportunities that flow from economic, financial, and political events.

The idea that investment portfolios are affected largely by their exposure to these underlying factors is central to our work and supported by academic research. This is the lens through which we approach investing and the starting point for our interactions with clients.

We place an emphasis on the ongoing management of portfolio allocations over time and in relation to changing market dynamics. We develop relationships with each client individually and tailor our service to their unique needs and preferences.

Success relies on a disciplined approach

Our framework for delivering actionable guidance.

The markets are always evolving. So are our clients' lives. At AZA Capital Management we are proactive in staying attuned to both, ensuring our investment strategies are continually positioned for success. Just as our continuous research effort seeks new ways to examine market dynamics, our team works to keep ahead of our clients’ changing life circumstances and goals.

Figuring out how financial conditions, business performance and public policies affect your investments is what we do ‐ all day, every day. Our team and technology track a wide range of data and information across equity, interest rates, commodities and currency markets. Via a combination of art and science, our methods transform this accumulated knowledge into actionable investment decisions around asset allocation, security selection and risk.

Market history may not repeat, but it appears to rhyme. With an advance and protect mindset, our strategies attempt to position portfolios to take advantage of favorable environments, while minding potential storms on the horizon. In cases of heightened risks, our tactical strategies have the ability to reduce exposures across markets. With option related strategies, we may position to take advantage of higher volatility and add risk at lower relative price levels. Yet in other portfolios, we may implement systematic hedging approaches.

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