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Markets and the Economy: Back to Surreality

The economy is witnessing an unholy trinity of false ideas, weakened institutions, and malign interests converging to stymie its long-term health and resilience.


The Road to Recovery

Long term investment – the type that yields a future return - may be the best tonic for real, sustainable growth that creates jobs and lays the foundation for economic strength.


The Fed's New Look: Same As The Old

The Fed's Monetary Review looks like a continuation of the Greenspan school. If the Fed is successful in generating significant inflation, impacts on markets could follow.


Recession Caused by a Depression

We are now witnessing the recession that is following the depression. Job markets are troubled. The official unemployment rate in no way communicates reality of U.S. labor markets. Over 55 million initial jobless claims or nearly 33% of February labor force levels have been filed since March 12th.


Excerpt of CIO Chris Recker on the TD Ameritrade Network as he discusses economic fundamentals and their detachment from the market rally. Recorded 8/6/20.


Quicksand Economics (QE): Sacrificing Sure Footing

Through massive levels of unemployment and extreme factors pressuring small businesses, the pandemic shutdowns have introduced a new dynamic that could hinder the recovery.


The High Cost of High Prices

Instead of investing in the future of the U.S. with initiatives that seek a pay-off, recent bailouts and market manipulations will only hamper long-term growth. Is the U.S. heading toward Japanification?


With Covid-19, Who Pays the Price?

The West will face some difficult truths as it confronts this health, economic, energy and financial crisis. We will emerge as a stronger, more self-sufficient and humane civilization.


Global Corporate Debt Is A Tinderbox

The IMF's latest Global Financial Stability Report estimates a staggering amount of global corporate debt-at-risk. But, is the problem contained?


Collateral Concerns 2008 vs. 2019

In 2008 short-term funding markets experienced issues that led to Fed intervention. They were a sign of increasing counterparty risk. Today, are the repo markets calling out again?


Watch Chris Recker on TD Ameritrade Network discuss economic trends, housing, China-Germany trade, high yield credit, and value investing. Recorded 8/12/19.


CIO Chris Recker discusses Federal Reserve interest rate hikes, economic data, and a flattening yield curve on the TD Ameritrade Network. Recorded 8/21/18.