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Markets and the Economy: Back to Surreality

The economy is witnessing an unholy trinity of false ideas, weakened institutions, and malign interests converging to stymie its long-term health and resilience.


Watch CIO Chris Recker on Market on Close discuss the Fed's impact on asset prices and projected returns. Recorded 12/7/20 on the TD Ameritrade Network.


How Japan’s Past Is Relevant to the U.S.

Today, the U.S. has an asset bubble comparable to Japan’s in 1989-1990, and so how Japan navigated an exit from their bubble can yield stylized insights on what might be in store for the U.S.


Quicksand Economics (QE): Sacrificing Sure Footing

Through massive levels of unemployment and extreme factors pressuring small businesses, the pandemic shutdowns have introduced a new dynamic that could hinder the recovery.


The High Cost of High Prices

Instead of investing in the future of the U.S. with initiatives that seek a pay-off, recent bailouts and market manipulations will only hamper long-term growth. Is the U.S. heading toward Japanification?


Easing Cycle Fix: Saved by Zero?

The Federal Reserve's policy course change has ushered in a new wave of monetary easing. Are they signaling a severe level of concern?


Video clip of CIO Chris Recker on the TD Ameritrade Network discussing what the Fed may be indicating with their current policy. Recorded 10/21/19.


TD Ameritrade invited CIO Chris Recker to discuss the wild swings in the repo market and his outlook on the economy. Recorded 9/17/19.


CIO Chris Recker joined the Market on Close panel to discuss the state of the markets, China, trade, and monetary policy. Recorded 4/15/19.